V & P Services Department

Through many years we have developed a strong relationship and ability to undertake secilaist restorations and work on behalf of clients. Servicing, engine tuning, repair, upholstery, paint work are all undertaken placed with companies we trust who have many years experience with Vintage and Classic cars.

View our section on this web site for Paint and Restoration, which illustrates the extent to which some cars are updated to modern standards.

But we are equally conscious of the need to maintain cars to their original condition and maintain their integrity. We maintain long term relationships with many of the UK Classic car specialist companies to keep that integrity intact

We have many examples of specialist rebuilding but a simple thing many forget is the simple day to day running of these cars – Some cars we come across are not running correctly, rough, misfiring - problem being the set up of carburetors on Pre-war Rolls Royce, you need the understanding and feel to do this. Or an accurate diagnosis for a rewiring of the magneto! You always need a man who can!


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