AVCA Wertungsfahrt 2018

Published on Tue, 11 Sep 2018 12:00

Our 1915 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost London To Edinburgh completed the AVCA Wertungsfahrt 2018.

51 vehicles in the total age of 5531 years

All vehicles are at least 100 years old! 

On Saturday, 25.08.2018 was the arrival of the participants in the afternoon. Since the day before a bad weather front pulled through, had to be expected with rain. The weather god, however, had a look and in the afternoon there were only a few drops, but it went off well in the evening with Giessen. In the evening the participants were served by the Seehotel Europa of the Wrann family.

The Sunday, 26.08.2018 began with cloud-like rain, but almost all teams were on the track. The vehicles 100 years old, many even older, almost all open roadsters, many without windshield - and often the teams are no longer Joungster. But this is sportsmanship, where it is not just about beautiful speeches, words of salutation and speeches, but above all about moving the historic vehicles. There was a reception at the Count's family Czernin after 45 km and then it went to the castle Hochosterwitz on a gravel road in the rain - as a hundred years ago. In the castle church a Holy Mass was read in the presence of the lord of the castle, Count Kari Khevenhüller-Metsch.

After lunch in the castle, the participants rode, the rain had stopped temporarily, to the castle Niederosterwitz. At the reception by the Princely Family Khevenhüller, the participants enjoyed the Kärtner Reindling. Two time trials were also possible. The evening ended with gasoline talks.

On Monday, 27.08.2018 the participants received sunshine, but low temperatures and on the mountain peaks snow.

Since many veteran vehicle did not want to start, at all if the wetness in the engine compartment had not yet flown away.But are 1915 Silver Ghost had no problems. The Proctor Type 1 Electric Car, built in 1903, by Michaela Riedl and Christian Bauer already easier, the battery was fully charged and noiselessly the rally distance was recorded. Much faster on the road was the Mercedes Armada, consisting of Mercedes Simplex Bj 1904, Mercedes 26/45 Bj 1906, Daimler-Mercedes 28/60 Bj 1912 and Mercedes 28/95 Bj 1914.

Overall, the participants had 140 km and 2 special stages to complete that day. There was also some work for the mechanics, but in the evening all cars were safe in Velden.

Tuesday, 28.08.2018 was the last day of driving, only pleasure without special stages. South of the Wörthersee we went again on very small roads to Keutschach. If the street on the Pyramidenkogel was too steep, took the waiting bus, the big Mercedes, Rolls Royce and the Locomobile but roared up the mountain on the locked parking for us. The Wörthersee and Keutschachersee from the observation tower are simply a pleasure.

In Keutschach in Schlossstadel there was a reception by Mayor Karl Dovjak and lunch.

The highlight of the day was the parade and award ceremony at the Seecorso in front of the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden.

Winner of the 7th Int. AVCA Motorcycling Rally 2018 and winner of the Honorary Prize of Melanie Countess Khevenhüller-Metsch Erdödy was the team from Germany Gitte and Wolfgang Presinger on a Benz 8/20 Doppelphaeton built in 1913. Congratulations, but actually we can all the other teams for the Congratulations on completing these routes. See you in 2020.

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