Concours d'Elegance Classic-Gala Schwetzingen - 2nd - 4th September

Published on Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:45

Vintage and Prestige will be entering one of the major Concours d'Elegances Automobiles in Europe, the 12th Int. Concours d'Elegance CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN, 2nd to 4th of September 2016 in the magnificent circular baroque gardens of Schloss Schwetzingen near Heidelberg.

This well reputed event hosts more than 160 Historic Cars of authentic heritage in a unique way, because each segment of the 300m diameter garden is dedicated to a decade of Automobile History. First segment at the main entry is 1890 to 1900, 1900 to 1910 in the center lane and so forth, each segment hosting about 14 to 20 cars. Unique is also class H of fully unrestored originals in driveable condition, the “golden wrench-class” of fully home restored cars and a special segment of luxury cars, Vintage and Prestiga cars is contributing to.

Vintage and Prestige Cars will be displaying the stunning Delahaye 135 MS Convertible with swiss Graber-Body, the magnificent Rolls Royce Phantom VI, designed and built by Frua in 1973 and another sensational french luxury car with coachbuilt body. These three are amongst the stars of “Classic-Gala Schwetzingen 2016”.

The Concours attractions include live Jazz, a walking orchestra, a "Grand Prix de la Mode", the classic-concert in the three balcony-Rokoko-Theatre and a selection of marquees, presenting automobilia, parts, books, models, fashion, accessoires and deslightful food, drink and wine.

CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN is a unique society event, giving floor to the winning cars on Sunday, which will have been selected by our 23-head jury of designers, engineers, experts, collectors and celebtrities from all over the world.

CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN 2016 is chaired by the most traditional Automobilclub von Deutschland AvD and germanys most reknown collector Peter Kaus. It is a great platform to meet classic-car enthusiasts of continental Europe in an unparalleled surrounding of a french garden.

Johannes Huebner, autoconsult

member of FIA-Heritage-Commission

Gebr.-Lang-Str. 24 in D-61169 Friedberg

Tel. +49 6031 965 90 90 or +49 152 246 123 11

e-mail: huebner&

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